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Our Awards

These are some of the Awards My sons and I have received in the past few years!

Joshua's Awards in Stock Legends Class include:

B main First Place

B main First Place

A main First Place

Here is Josh and the car he won the A main with. ( Josh was offered $10.00 not to race by another driver that day! Josh has been driving since he was 4 years old and he drives very smooth. ( I think I tought him well )

Josh doing what he enjoys most.

Another shot of Josh on the drivers stand at the Branford RC Speedway.

Dads Awards but I am most proud of the Heli Fly-In Awards below: First Place Novice Obstacle Course (back to back years)1993 and 1994! Held at Ernie Huber's RC Flight Training Center in Crescent City Flordia.

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