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Making a Cowling is fast and easy !

This is how I make cowlings from a 2 liter plastic coke bottle.

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The cowling ( the part of the plane that hides or covers up most of the engine)is made from a coke bottle. It only takes about five mins to make a cowling after you have made the plug. (The plug is wood in most cases that is glued together and sanded to the shape of the finished cowling you want) Note: in this picture you can see two plugs (on the right is the plug I made for the C-130 and on the left is the plug I made for this project).

Then you place the plug inside a coke bottle (plastic coke bottle of course) and heat it with a hair dryer. As you heat it it will shrink around the plug and the more you heat it the smoother it will get.

The plug is then removed and the cowling is sanded. I have also cut the top off the bottle and it is ready to be fitted to the engine pod. Then two coats of paint and the cowling is complete.

This is the finished cowling and it only takes about 5 mins to make one. It does dress up the nose of the engine pod. Now some more red and white paint and it is ready to fly.

The Miss Shirley Twin, Lets see it Fly!.

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