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I hope this helps to show the difference between the stock and modified intakes.

To view a larger picture Click on the thumbnails!

Shown here the modified carb gasket will not work on the stock intake.

If you make a gasket be sure it covers the sloted area that circles half way around the intake hole.(seen on the right side of the hole on the intake mounted to the cylinder) If it does not cover this slot. The fuel pump in the carb will not work and you will not get the proper fuel flow.

Here is a shot of the modified intake with the gasket in place.

This is "WRONG" Please be sure you place gaskets on the correct way. See picture below!

This is the "RIGHT" way to install the modified gasket. (Note: The hole lines up with the hole that feeds the pump side of the carb)

Here the modified intake is set on the big bore carb and the gasket is set inplace.

View of the cylinder side of the stock intake and the carb side of the modified intake.

View of the carb side of the stock intake and the cylinder side of the modified intake.

Side view of both intakes.

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