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If you have INFO on or questions about this JULIE BERRY just click here:

Or anywhere on the TEXT that follows!

This page is setup to warn people! If you meet a lady and she sounds like this person BEWARE it could be.

Would you believe a person would USE someone LIKE THIS!

This is for real not a joke at all

Julie Berry (DOB 8/25/65 SS# 340-70-**9*)I will file a claim (in Berkeyley MO.) for the money I am owed if I don't hear from you very soon! I also will send out this web address to as many people as I can find. So it is up to you now! I have not heard from you in months... I guess you may be at it again!

I have Loaned Julie Berry (DOB 8/25/65 SS# 340-70-**9*)( a female) over $4,500.00 since November of last year. Julie was to pay me back very soon but as of yet I have not been paid any money. I also think Julie has not been telling me the truth about why she needed the money.

I hope you are reading this Julie Berry, You should start repaying me the money I loaned you. I don't care if you have not been honest. I told you all you had to do was keep intouch. But you have failed to even do that.

I think Julie has used the internet to support herself. She is a very good story teller. I have her IM's and Emails that tell my story.

This was pulled from an IM I had with Julie about the money I loaned her! I think you can see she is a very good story teller and it was about this time I knew some of the things I was being told were not true.

Mylostlov (4:59:29 PM): Hey you!!!! Why didnt you tell me you were on? I will get off and check mail again in a few, okay?

Troy ***** (5:00:01 PM): hey

Troy ***** (5:00:25 PM): did you work today? how did it go?

Mylostlov (5:02:25 PM): Just went in to pick some stuff up, took too long at Dr.

Troy ***** (5:02:42 PM): I see

Troy ***** (5:02:59 PM): so you were off today?

Mylostlov (5:03:01 PM): They will keep me very busy!!!

Troy ***** (5:03:10 PM): at work?

Troy ***** (5:03:46 PM): what time will you go in tomorrow?

Troy ***** (5:04:24 PM): do you work in the legal dept there?

Mylostlov (5:04:55 PM): 8:30, why?

Troy ***** (5:05:15 PM): I just wanted to know

Mylostlov (5:05:15 PM): Is this 20 questions?

Troy ***** (5:06:20 PM): last question

Troy ***** (5:06:54 PM): do you know how much money I have loaned you?

Mylostlov (5:07:18 PM): one of about 15 offices

Troy ***** (5:07:33 PM): I see

Mylostlov (5:08:00 PM): pretty much I do. Is there something wrong?

Troy ***** (5:08:19 PM): no why?

Mylostlov (5:08:22 PM): you are acting weirder than usual.

Troy ***** (5:08:32 PM): why?

Mylostlov (5:09:05 PM): why so many questions?

Troy ***** (5:09:14 PM): just concerned about a friend

Mylostlov (5:09:34 PM): who?

Troy ***** (5:09:58 PM): I looked today and was surprised at how much I have sent you

Mylostlov (5:10:01 PM): So you are mad at me about something?

Troy ***** (5:10:04 PM): YOU SILLY

Troy ***** (5:10:10 PM): NO

Troy ***** (5:10:15 PM): just worried

Troy ***** (5:11:21 PM): I don't loan $4,500+ to just anyone you know

Mylostlov (5:12:18 PM): I know And I will pay you back Troy. I really will, and SOON. Why you worried? My puter is slow AGAIN!!! I know you don't and now you are really maikng me feel bad.....

Troy ***** (5:13:07 PM): I am just concerned for you and the kids

Troy ***** (5:14:13 PM): I don't mean for you to get upset

Troy ***** (5:14:52 PM): I have been worried since you got arrested,

Troy ***** (5:15:00 PM): that was not good for the kids to see.

Troy ***** (5:15:21 PM): I worry that it might happen again!

Mylostlov (5:16:28 PM): Don't be. I am okay.

Troy ***** (5:17:03 PM): I will be better when you are back to work

Troy ***** (5:17:26 PM): and getting things back to normal

Mylostlov (5:18:10 PM): My life will never get back to normal

Troy ***** (5:18:23 PM): why is that?

Troy ***** (5:19:06 PM): Damn you mean you will never get ahead or at least out of this mess?

Troy ***** (5:19:36 PM): you can't keep going like this

Mylostlov (5:20:16 PM): I know, financially I will be fine.

Anyone that will use her kids to get money from someone is very low. (If you ask me)

How good was her stories????

WELL She said she was an attorney at Anhisier Bush in MO.

They have never heard of her! I checked!

She said Her ex husband's girlfriend used her credit card and checking account and spent her money.(over $6,000.00)

(No truth to that either

Then she got behind with her bills because the court system froze her checking account.

(This too seams not to be the case)

Then the house note was due and the kids lived with her and she needed to pay the house note.(She told me it was a nice home and her note was $1,700 a month (I loaned her $1,700 in one shot to pay her house note!)

As it turned out she was renting and was put on the street for not paying her rent.

(B-T-W rent was less than $600.00 a month.)

Her dryer cought fire and almost burned her home down. I am not sure that happen either!( This while she was online chatting with me) Heck I even called the Fire Department for her from Florida.

Yep she had me snowed BIG TIME!

There is alot more to this story and I now have even paid over $168.00 to AOL for charges on my aol account that she has made.(access time fees) So she owes me a little more than $4,500.00. It was a loan and I do have all the signed checks and pickup slips from Western Union.

I sure hope no one else has been taken by this SCAM or even worse by:

Julie Berry (DOB 8/25/65 SS# 340-70-**9*) .

If you have or think you have. You can contact your local police dept. and explain that you may have been scamed on the internet. They will send you in the right direction.

People that Use people can be stoped. Useing the internet to get money from someone is a crime!

If you meet Julie Berry (DOB 8/25/65 SS# 340-70-**9*)

who clams to be an attorney for Anhisier Bush in MO. and she ask you to help her out.... Well a scam is a scam I have seen it myself!

BEWARE she is still out there


As time goes on this site will be updated.

I have her SS# and DL # and can always find her. Julie all I want is for you to repay the loan.

This has been going on since NOV. of 97 and I will not keep waiting on you to give me another sad story. I have heard it all and the sad thing is... All from one lady. So Julie You have my address I would hope you start repaying that money!

It is people like this that make helping a person that is honest and really would pay back the loan so very hard anymore!