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Special Thanks to: Shirley K. (Shirley is the lady the plane was built for and is named after.)
Glen F. for shooting the video used for this web page.

Details about the plane:

The airplane is painted so there is no covering to peel. Wingspan 56" Weight 7.2lbs ( with 20 oz. of fuel onboard ) Using 4 channel PCM radio with 4 servos. Power is from 2 OS .40 FX (The pictures show the OS fp .35 engines) turning 10x6 Master airscrew props.The Plane flew so well I decided to spend the money for the FX engines.

OK Lets see it FLY!

To view a larger picture Click on the thumbnails and Enjoy your visit!

The plane flys GREAT. I start the engines and set them on the rich side.(new engines should always be run just a little rich)

Take Off:

The power was added and as the plane rolled down the runway the nose came up and it was an Awesome feeling.

First flight:

The plane flew like it was on rails! The plane flew without any trim changes. I must say there is no other feeling like it when your design takes to the air. It is a rush that no drug could ever give you!


Well... most planes will never be flown upside down but it is ok to do it with a model. This one flys very well inverted. Notice the bottom of the wing is white and you can also see the wheels are sticking up.


After about 15 mins of flying it is time to bring it in and the landings are smooth and nose high. This really is a nice flying airplane. This project took about 65 hrs to build. But another airplane like this could be built in about 35 hrs. the second one always builds in about 1/2 the time of the first one.

I HOPE you have enjoyed this site on the "Miss Shirley Twin".

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