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Welcome to Troys RC Boat page!

Here you will find many different types of RC boats.

Click the thumbnails and ENJOY YOUR VISIT!

55" Miss Shirley Hydro

Miss Shirley H2o Outrigger (scratch built)

New Homelite Parts.

46" Deep V's with 30cc Homelite power

Tips on installing the stuffing tube!

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NEW BOAT ADDED "The 55" Miss Shirley Hydro"!

NEW...The Miss Shirley 55" Hydro

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Scratch Built H2o Miss Shirley! Fast on the water!

Weedeater power at 40+ mph.

Josh Blows his first motor! (# 1 boat) (see why?).

Dads Boat (#2). I like to have fun too!

The # 3 boat air-born!

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