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This is how the wing was built!

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The wing is cut from 3" foam with a Hot wire. (I built my own and can tell you how if you are interested just email me.) I make the wing templets and then attach them to the foam with 2" screws.

You can see the wing here just after it has been cut.

Then the area for the engine pods are cut and removed from the wing and the pods are glued in place. Also you can see 2 black tubes. These are the throttle control tubes. The 2 red tubes are the aileron control tubes. I use one servo to operate both engines. This wing is now ready to be sheeted.

Note: A servo is a motor that is used to move a control surface or the throttle on an engine.I have used one servo to operate 4 throttles with no problem on a C-130 I built in 1997. I still fly that model today.

Here you can see I have sheeted the wing and have completed the right engine pod. After I complete the left pod I will be ready to build the cowlings.

How the cowlings were made.

The Miss Shirley Twin, Lets see it Fly!.

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