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This is how The Miss Shirley Twin was built!

This Model is for Sale $300.00 plus shipping

The model comes complete less Radio. (any 4 ch with 4 standard servos will work fine.) I will at no charge install your radio system and trim the airplane out before shipping if needed. View the below links to see how the model was built. It flys Great. This is a very stable airplane and makes a Great first twin.

I hope this helps people understand how some of my RC models are designed and built. I design and build my own airplanes and have been in the hobby for over 20 years. I want to share some of my projects with people that are interested. I also from time to time will sell a project plane to make room for the next project. That is the case here.

This plane is very smooth. (short clip)

To view a larger picture Click on the thumbnails and Enjoy!

Here is the finished model.
It took me about five hrs. to draw the plans for this Plane. I draw my plans for any airplane I design full size. This helps when I start putting all the parts together.This model was built in about 65 hrs (seven days).

The material used to build "The Miss Shirley Twin."

The tail parts ready to be fitted."

The Fuselage with the tail complete. The wing is next."

How the wing was built.

How the cowlings were made.

The Miss Shirley Twin, Lets see it Fly!.

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