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Here are a few of the many parts I make inhouse. Also you will see how a lot of them were made!

I enjoy making parts for our 1/4 scale cars. This is one way to really cut your cost when racing more than one car. To save time. I bought two New SidewindeR '2' cars to run this year and must say if you want to get into racing and don't have the time to build. Then Danny's car is a good one to get.

This site is up to share my thoughts and to give insite on some of the many things I build. There are many ways things can be done. This is how I do them. I am always looking for something new. If you have thoughts or questions, email is the best way to get me.

Follow the links below to learn more about how each part was made.

To view a larger picture Click on the thumbnails and Enjoy!

Here is how I make the gear and wheel hubs.

Want to blueprint your setup? Make your own Setup Disk. Here is how.

Here is how I make the tie rods and track bars when I don't have the right material.

Rear axles and how they are made.

Trailing arm bolted up and ready to be installed. Here is how it was made.

More parts coming soon!

Ckeck out the building projects here.

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