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Scratch built Dragster!

Here are some pictures of the latest project off the workbench.

To view a larger picture Click on the thumbnails and Enjoy!

Here you can view the Drag tree.

Ready for the first test run.

Here is a good picture of the painted engine.

It is hard to get a good picture of the model because the model is so long but yet small.

Here you can see the brake system. It works by using friction on the clutch bell. The white block rubbing on the clutch bell is the brake. This simple breaking system works well because it does not lock the wheels up but does a good job of adding friction to the drive line.

The car is ready for action.

Here is a close look at the left side of the car.

Here is a close look at the right side of the car.

Here is the frame with the engine mounted in place.

The steering and throttle/brake servos are mounted on simple to make servo mounts.

The front end is made using Bolink electric car parts.

Then the wiring is added for the onboard starter system.

To start the engine. I plug into this connector and push the start button. This system by Traxxas works GREAT!

Here is a look at the bottom of the chassis. The rear plate is Stainless steel. The front part is extruded aluminum.

Here the muffler is added to the engine.

The rear wing is bolted in place.

The PCM Receiver is mounted in place.

The antenna mount is mounted and the switch is mounted on top of the steering servo.

The batteries and fuel tank are installed.

The brake and throttle are adjusted and the Dragster is ready to go!

The starter unit has six batteries that provide power to turn the starter when the start button is pressed. I have added two batteries and hooked them together for the glow plug power. This is not needed but I find the system works better (starts faster) if you add batteries for the glow plug.

Here you can see the starter unit being plugged into the connector on the car. When your ready to start the engine just push the start button.

Once the engine starts. Give a quick yank on the battery and you are ready to Stage.

Waiting on the call to Stage.

Here is where the fun starts. Boy, I wish I had a tree now! If you have info on building a working tree. PLEASE email me. I want to build one for drag racing.

Getting ready to make a pass.

After crossing the line. The chute is pulled. I ran 6 passes at 43 mph in 132'. Fastest pass was 44 mph. I think with gearing and tire size I will be able to get to 50 mph with no trouble. The little .15 is doing great and the car tracks well at speed.

Looks kinda kewl when the chutes come out. (I will get better pictures soon.)

Just after the run.

Now waiting on the tow truck.

Chutes are packed and the car is ready for the next round.

If you have questions about this project just ask. I will be glad to help you.

I will be adding this project to the list of building projects on my website. In a few weeks I will put up the details on how the model was built. If you would like to build your own. Just email me and I will help you any way I can.

If you would like info on how I paint my models. I invite you to check out the Painting Tips. Just click on the truck and you can see how it was painted.

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