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Hi and welcome to My Family Funnies page.

This is where you will find some of the funny things that happen around our home. This week John is in the spotlight!
This weeks Funny is from when John baked a two layer cake hehehe....... Well you will see what I mean.... Just look at the pictures!
He took it out of the pan and placed the top layer on the bottom layer. ( He said he put it on upside down ) I am not sure what he did but when I heard him in the kitchen saying "Man I messed up". I knew he had done something wrong and I tried really hard to get the video camera but I was not fast enough. ( I also could not stop laughing ) hehehe...... When I got to the kitchen John ( my 18 year old son ) Had frosting all over his hands and was trying to glue his cake together with frosting while holding it in place. Well it may not look funny here but Steph and I could not stop laughing.

This is John trying to glue the cake together!

This is his cake after he gave up!

OK OK...... Stop laughing now cause we did eat some of his cake and I must say it tasted a lot better than it looked! LOL


John has Baked a third cake. Yep he found out I put his Goof on the website and he had to bake another cake!

As you can see John is getting better!

OK I am not just picking on John here!

John took some video of me eating dinner so I thought I would post a picture here so he would not think I was picking on him.

There you go son! You happy now? lol

All kidding aside I must say I have Four Really Great Kids. I am going to be out of town on Father's Day so we did our Father's Day on Sunday the 13 of June. I must say it was a surprise. Even Poogee (my 5 year old did not let it slip. You know how kids can't keep a secret LOL) Here is a picture of the gift I received. Above is the front of the shirt and Below is the Back. It really was a surprise.

Thanks Kids!

You know this Father thing is really neat!

OK Here it is....

I am sorry it took so long to get this up on the page. I hope you Enjoy it as much as we have.
I had set a bucket of warm water on the roof and tied it to the door. So when someone went out the door the water was pulled over and YEP ever who is in the door way gets wet. So I had Stephanie ask John to come out to the shop where I was. (hehehe) Well he did and the Camcorder was rolling. So were we after the door was opened. LOL Needless to say We enjoyed the prank and It was perfect. You can Click on the thumbnail and see a larger display....

More things are on there way!

NOTE: If the link picture changes you will know I will have added a new Funny!

Thanks and Come back soon!

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