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Here is some info on getting started cutting foam wings.

ALWAYS Use Caution when working with the hot wire cutting system. The below info is intended for adult use only. These are the steps I use and they have always worked well for me.
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I use a thermal power supply for trouble free cutting. (You can also use *with CAUTION* two 12 volt car batteries.)

Here is a close look at one way the bows are made. This shows two bows I use often. The one with the battery clips is the one used with 24 volts DC. (Picture C) To make a bow take a section of conduit and mark it about 16" from one end then bend it at the mark to about 85 degrees. Then figure out how large a bow you want and then add 16" then cut and bend the other end 85 degrees also.(This way when you place the wire on the bow. The bow will have some spring to it to pull the wire tight.

Another way is to use 90 degree conduit connections as seen here. Put a slight bend in the top piece so you will have some tension on the wire. The ends should also be straight.

Here are two bows I have made. Study the drawings and refer to pictures A,B,C,D for the details.

When using conduit you will need 2 small pieces of 1/2" wide by 1/4" thick plywood or hardwood 3" long. Flatten both ends slightly so you can install the plywood. Place it all the way in on one side and then drill a hole thru and place a small bolt to attach the cutting wire to.

On the other end hold the plywood or hardwood out about 3/4". This will insulate the metal bow from the current. Place the bolt in the wood and place a small screw thru the bow and the wood to secure it so it will not pull out.

I use counter top material to make all my templates. The large template is a fuselage template for the C-130 I built a few years ago. The ones on top are wing templates. You can cut your template out and sand the edges smooth so the wire will move smoothly across it. Then you can drill holes in the template and use long nails to secure it to the foam when cutting. Another way is to use Hot Glue. If you use Hot glue. Place it on the template and let it cool slightly before sticking it to the foam. If you don't it will melt the foam rather than stick to it.

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