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A closer look at the Adapter!

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Here you can see the adapter I make to use the stock 25cc Homelite housing on the 30cc engine.

The stock housing before it is modified for boat use.

Here is a look at the housing being modified for use in a Superstock boat. Remove the Black muffler cover and shaft cover then trim up the main cover insert the adapter tighten the stock clamp and thats it. The front adapter is complete.

As you can see here the adapter extends the housing to match the 30cc housing.

Here you can compare it to the stock 30cc front mount. This is a bolt on part and comes complete.

Here the 25cc front housing has been mounted to a 30cc engine and bolted in the Enforcer hull. When using this adapter the clutch is not used and a water pump is not needed. The adapters can be made to any length you might need. The standard size is 3 1/4" from end to end and fits most applications.

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