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All of the special tools I use can be made in any shop! (even yours) I will be adding a NEW PAGE soon that will cover building each of these tools. The page will not be linked to any of my sites so if you are interested PLEASE email me for the ULR Link. HERE!

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Your running your boat and the Engine speeds up and your boat slows to a stop... Well you may have a cable problem.. If you find you have a broken flex cable This will show you how to make a new cable.
Look at the drawings above. A) is a typical 1/4'' flex cable and it can be cut to any size. B) is a typical Ferrule. C) typical stub shaft. D) is the cable with the engine end ground slightly round (see the sketch to the left for the end view.) E) and the sketch above it shows how to make the square end useing a grinder and part #cab200 ( It is a tool I designed to make this job easier.) With the cab200 you can put a square end on the cable you might other wise never use. F) Shows the new custom made cable ready to put in the boat. Note: The ferrule joint on the cable side is silver soldered and the stub shaft is threaded in the other.

This is the square drive setup I am using on a 30cc Homelite powered Outrigger I scratch built.The cable slides in from the rear and a hole was cut in the front of the pull start houseing so that a coller could be installed to hold the cable in the stuffing box. Before I added the coller I lost a prop and cable unit. Also shown is a way for me to greese the cable without removing it from the boat. I do have to remove the prop and drive dog to use this tool.

If you are useing a rudder that has the water pick-up in it.. This tip could save you an engine!
Be sure you keep an eye on your water flow!If you notice your water flow decrease or even stop at high speed. You need to check your rudder and see if it has the water pickup hole through both sides. ( see the picture above )

If you have the hole in both sides of your rudder and you are using a water pump then you may have another problem.(see picture below)

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