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Models just off the Heli WorkBench

The Heli bench

This is the Lite Machines 100+ that was built for David

I am happy to report that the Lite Machine is a very nice flying machine. I test flew the heli on sunday and hovered a full tank of fuel on the first flight with only 2 shorts landings. The heli is very small but if build as the plans say it is a perfect building project. The model has many parts but all fit together very nicely. I did build a training aid for the heli owner that should help in learning to fly the model. The device is very simple. you will need 4 #64 rubber bands , 6) pcs of brass 1/4"id 1" long , 2) pcs of 1/8" piano wire 3' long , some tape and 2) 1/4" wood dowels 24" long. First place the 2 pcs of piano wire in a loop overlapping the wire at both joints 1 1/4" and place a 1" pc of brass at each joint. Now place the wood dowels in a X over the loop and mark the dowel 1/4" passed the outside of the loop. (NOTE: Make sure the X is so the skids of the heli will rubberband to it with no problem.) Then place the remaining 4 pcs of brass on the ends of the dowel. now drill a 1/8" hole in the end of each dowel. (with brass in place) Now take the loop apart and pass the piano wire through the holes of the dowels form again the X pattern as before and hold in place with some tape. Place the finished device on the bottom of the heli with 4 #64 rubberbands. You are read to fly.

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