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Welcome to Troys HOT AIR BALLOON Page!

Here you will find some pictures and info about my balloon.

Click the thumbnails and ENJOY YOUR VISIT!

This is a shot of the basket and the balloon. The balloon is 25' when layed out.

The balloon is filled with air using a gas blower. Then the air is heated.

As the air is heated. The balloon will fill out and be ready to fly.

Here John (my oldest son) and I get ready to fly the balloon.

The balloon uses propane and burns a one pound bottle in about 5 mins.

Here is a picture taken 30 feet above my home from the balloon. (Look for more pictures like this soon)

Here you can see the flame from the burner. That flame is about 4 feet long.

After flying, It's time to pack the balloon back into the balloon bag.
I will be adding a mpeg (avi) and more pictures to this site when I have time.

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