Here you will find the steps to building your own website!

Because so many people have asked for help. I have put together this page along with two VHS videos. More on the videos at the bottom of this page.

The first thing you need to do is get web space for your page.......

If you don't have space don't worry. You can get 50 meg Free at: or just click here!

You have space GREAT NOW lets make the page...

CLICK HERE to see how to put a picture on your page!

CLICK HERE to see how to put sound on your page!

CLICK HERE to do it all in 10 easy steps!

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I have made two videos that will be very helpful in getting started. One that covers making .gif files step by step. You start by making a ball bounce across the screen then you learn to make a bird fly. The last thing you learn is to put pictures in a .gif and make them move. The second video shows how to write HTML code and get your website on the web so everyone can enjoy it. You can have one or both for a donation of $7.00 each tape shipped. (that's cost) Now why am I giving the videos away at cost? Well, there are still a few nice people in the world #1 and #2 Because I can. I enjoy getting the feedback from people I have helped get started. Believe me that is priceless. So follow the links or let me know if your interested in one or both of the videos. (HTML code or Making .GIF files) Either way if you have questions just ask. I don't mind helping anyone that ask.

Would you like info on the videos?

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