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If you are a Tripod member ... Follow these steps to build your first page.
If your not Please CLICK HERE First!

#1 go to member log in and sign on and go to Housekeeper.

#2 select Quick page builder. (on the top left of the page)

#3 you will need a page name. (this will be part of the address. you must use .html at the end and if more than one word is used you need to put a - between words. (NO SPACES can be used) an example ---> my-page-is-here.html <--- This will work.

#4 then you need to select a layout. (I use layout #1)

#5 select a title. (title will be shown at the top of the browser)

#6 select a color scheme. (if you is not needed though)

#7 then scroll down to section 1 where it says.........

Section 1 This section is currently empty What would you like this section to contain?
and click on ----> "A Block of Text"
#8 then the Text Editor will come up and you need to scroll down till you see a big box with this line above it. ------> In the box below, write whatever you wish. in the big box you need to place your html code.

Here are a few HTML Codes that will help you get started.

CLICK HERE to see how to put a picture on your page!

CLICK HERE to see how to put sound on your page!

CLICK HERE to do it all in 10 easy steps!

CLICK HERE if you have any Questions!

NOTE: Every time you want to edit (change) this page all you need to do is step #1 then in housekeeper scroll down and find the page you want to edit and click "Edit" (on the right side of the page).

#9 now that you have your page set up click on USE this text. then click "SAVE" and look at the page you have created.. If your page is correct then scroll all the way down to the bottom and click "SAVE PAGE" If it is not correct then click "Edit the HTML of this section" and correct your error.

NOTE: If you have added a picture or a sound to your page you must do step #10 to see it on your page.

#10 to put a picture or a sound on your page you need to upload it. repete step #1 and in housekeeper where you see....

"Things you can access from the Homepage Housekeeper:" hit the bar to the right and select "upload files" and locate your picture or sound file on your computer. on the right click " lower case" Then at the bottom click "upload". once your file (files) have been uploaded you will see a screen that will give you the address of each of the files. now you need to place the address in your html code on your page. Be sure to write down the address of all your file uploads. when doing your code you will notice that all the address is the same except for the file name at the end.

If you need more help Just Email me I will be glad to help you!

Thanks and good luck!!

By now you should have a page you can view and so can others. if not
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