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Welcome to Justin's Quarter Scale Page!

Click the thumbnails and ENJOY YOUR VISIT!

Justin is racing a 1/10 scale legend car at the Branford RC Speedway. He is doing very well so I am building him a car he can drive on the 1/4 scale track. (like his older brother Josh)
Here are a few pictures of Justin's quarter scale car built using a Raco off road car and using a Ford body. Justin is 5 so it won't matter that he drives a FORD. hehehe

This project started by adding wheelbase to the car.

I made new front end mounting blocks and bolted them to the 1/2" X 1/2" angle.

I also had to add to the top roll cage bars.

Side view of the right swing arm.

Left swing arm.

Front end viewed from the front.

The front end is limited to caster adjustment only. For now this will get Justin on the track.

Here is the completed front end.

Check back soon for more updates on this project.

You might look HERE at the Custom Parts Page to see how a lot of the car parts were made as well as getting ideas on making your own parts.

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