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Nascar 3 is a Blast to play online. Ace and I went at it for the first time Tuesday night! I think he will agree it was a lot of fun!

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Ok, Here is the scoop! Ace and I raced a few good races and I was branded a cheeter. (I think because I won a lot) hehehe

So the last draw was a 5 lap shoot out. No Rules as he called it! hehehe

So, here is how it played out.....

Well, we started out Good! Ace took the lead and this was my view for all 5 laps. Yep, Acer won that race. But, I was close to him and would have went by him if given the chance. Right Acer?:-)

It was after the race was over and about here things started to go very wrong for us both.

I showed Acer a little love. (hehehe as you can see I kinda bent up my hood just a bit.) The body guys back at the shop are gonna love me for that one too I bet! :-)

After we had bent all the parts on our cars, Ace had to go to bed and the fun ended!
There is always tomorrow Acer! hehehe

All Jokes aside I do think that was a lot of fun. If Acer says something different; don't *lizzen* to him! ( BTW: "Lizzen" is an inside joke with the folks at out local track)

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