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The Worlds First Glow Powered Paraplane

Welcome to the Paraplane page.

You may have heard or seen the electric powered models. I owned a few of them and they really are a lot of fun. The problem with the electric model is that there is never enough flying time between charges. Here are a few pictures of the first Glow Fueled Paraplane and the story behind it.

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If you have questions just ask and I will help in any way I can.


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It took many months to get the design all worked out for this model. I had all but given up on it when my good friend Walt said I should put a .049 on the parachute. Well, I knew the .049 would never fly the big parachute. But, to prove him wrong I did build a wire frame and mounted the .049 engine on it. Long story short here. It did not work but the frame I designed for the .049 was the key to making the larger model work. So I built a new frame and that was all I needed. So thanks to Walt I was able to finish this project. (All because I had to prove to him a .049 would not work.)
Thanks Walt!

Here the model is coming in to land. The model can be hand launched or if you hold the parachute up and take a few steps as you advance the throttle it will take off from the ground.

The model flys with throttle and aileron. Power is with a .25 OS engine.

This is a shot of my model(orange)and a sky diver out near our flying field. It can sometimes be hard to tell my model from the sky diver as you can see here.

Don't be fooled here. This is two of the Paraplanes I built flying in formation.

Would you like to build your own? Below are a few pictures of the frame. Also you can see a picture of the special servo saver used to connect the servo to the flybar.(photo # 3). Note #4 shows the throttle linkage setup.
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I have the frames in black only for $70.00 + $10.00 shipping. If you would like to build your on thats fine. If I can be of any help just ask. I am Glad to help.

 Here are just a few of my models.
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