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I am very new to the game and learning what works and what don't. Let me just say, I have learned a lot in the last few days. My games are getting better I promise! Thanks for your Help. (you know who you are) THANK YOU! I am here only to have fun. I now know not everyone has a 3D system. Sorry for playing all the 3D sounds. They really do sound awesome on my system! With 3D everything sounds rich and full. I really am sorry!

Hi, It's Test Pilot.

My kids and I. Click to view larger pictures!

"Pictionary" really is a fun game to play and as you might can tell I enjoy it.

I played my first game on December 23, 1999. I had a blast! If you would like to play Pictionary just look for a Pictionary room. I enjoy playing with good people both New to the game and Pros.

To get you started...Here is a little information on the game that might be helpful.

Before a game starts your screen should look like this.

If you click on the draw tab in the upper right hand corner of your screen you will see the white draw screen. When the game starts you will see a picture begin to appear. To play you type in your guess as to what that picture is. (Please type your answer into the text box at the bottom of the screen and voice answers will not be accepted). Please note that your answer may appear to be typed first on your screen when infact another player had typed it in first. (it's called internet lag)
If you can't see the whole screen? Maximize your window, and if you still can't see the whole thing, the silver bar under where it says "OK, I'm Ready" pulls down to allow you to see more. (move your mouse slowly down and it will change to 2 lines,then click and drag it down.)Please don't draw or erase unless it's your turn. If you correctly guess the drawing, you will need to page the ARTIST for the subject you are to draw in the next game and the ARTIST of the last game will narrate for you.

As the ARTIST you will need to sign your picture and you will give the word/words to be drawn for the next game to the winner of the game you drew for. You will then narate the next game. This will complete your turn in Pictionary untill you win again.

Here is a sample of a "three word phrase" and how the drawing might look. Can you guess the answer?

If your having trouble this may help.

If you see only a Black Screen...

Try leaving the room and coming back. If your Draw screen is still black you will need to shut down your computer and restart it. (This takes care of 99% of the problems).

If you need more help or to find out when I play just email

me here!

NOTE: I sometimes play with my kids home so I am always looking for a PG Pictionary game. New players are always welcomed.

Thanks Good Luck and God Bless