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Hi, My name is Troy (Test Pilot).

My kids and I. Click to view larger pictures!


"Pictionary with Test_Pilot_63" is sometimes a fast paced Pictionary game with yours truly and music between games. Thats why it is called "Pictionary with Test_Pilot_63". I have a GREAT Time and hope you do also. You can leave me feedback at the bottom here and I will reply if needed. This is a really fun game to play and as you might tell I do enjoy it.
Thank You,

I played my first game on December 23, 1999. I had a blast!

Before a game starts your screen should look like this.

If you click on the draw tab in the upper right hand corner of your screen you will see the white draw screen. When the game starts you will see a picture begin to appear. To play you type in your guess as to what that picture is. (Please type your answer into the text box at the bottom of the screen and voice answers will not be accepted). Please note that your answer may appear to be typed first on your screen when infact another player had typed it in first. (it's called internet lag) So any questions about the winner of a game in my room will be answered by the text on the moderators screen.
If you can't see the whole screen? Maximize your window, and if you still can't see the whole thing, the silver bar under where it says "OK, I'm Ready" pulls down to allow you to see more. Please don't draw or erase unless it's your turn. If you correctly guess the drawing, you will need to page the ARTIST for the subject you are to draw in the next game and the ARTIST of the last game will narrate for you.

As the artist you will need to sign your picture and you will give the word/words to be draw for the next game to the winner of the game you drew. You will then narate the next game. This will complete your turn in Pictionary untill you win again.
The game is a lot of fun and there are few nice people that play the game. The last thing you might want to note is I (Test_Pilot_63) may sometimes host a "Pictionary with test_Pilot_63" and you are more than Welcome to join the room to play. I only ask that you follow the rules and respect others in the room. It may seem at first I repeat myself as I am sure I do. My goal is to have a smooth game and to keep the game moving alone. If you are new to Pictionary. You are welcomed to come in and play. We all were new at one time so come on in. I learn something new every time I play. You will see in a short time I will go out of my way to help you if you will ask.

Getting help in my room is very easy if you will follow the tips below.

If you see only a Black Screen...

Try leaving the room and coming back. If your Draw screen is still black you will need to shut down your computer and restart it. (This takes care of 99% of the problems). If you still have trouble in my room. Please Type BLACK SCREEN in the text line and send it to the room. I will help you solve the problem.

Email your questions or comments to

Troy HERE!