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Hi I am Troy and welcome to my Projects Page.

Here you will find the links to some of the projects I have built. The project at the top of the list is the latest one and may still be under construction. Take some time and look through what you find here. As always if you have a question just email me and I will be happy to take the time to answer your email!

Building Homelite Engines.

RC TRUCK project. Racing at home.

Radio Control lawn mower conversion. From riding mower to RC.

Quarter Scale Race Car Built from a Raco Jackrabbit.

Quarter Scale Race Car Parts

Scratch built G scale train engine ( The first one I built from scratch)

FA Project ( The second train engine I have built from scratch).

Miss Shirley Twin engine building project.

Scratch built Dragster with onboard electric start.

I will put more projects up soon.

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