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This is the Plug for a 1/4 scale Legend Body I started about Five years ago!

To view a larger picture Click on the thumbnails and Enjoy!

This is the Left side of the car.

Left rear of the car.

Here is a side view of the left side. I need to add the running boards and the plug would be complete.

View of the REAR.

Front view of the Legend Car. The Black lines on the fenders are the trim lines.

Ok so where do I go from here? Well I have two choices really.

#1 Is to glass the foam plug with EPOXY and cloth. Then build up the outside and make a female mold. Then the part would be made by laying up the inside and poping out a body.

#2 Is to make a plug out of hardwood that I could use to make the bodies using Lexan. The Lexan bodies would be more money but could be made faster and less weight.

I am looking for a source for sheet Lexan. If you can help with a source (I am in Florida) Please pass on a phone number or a website address.

As always your comments are welcomed!

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