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Here you will see some pictures from one of our days at the school running the 1/4 scale cars. We may be at a big track or something as small as our local school parking lot. For us, It is all about having fun and as you might can tell; we always try to have a GREAT Time!

As always click the pictures to enlarge them.

We made it to the school parking lot at about 12:30.

Poogee was first on our make-shift track. (4 used tires made up the inside line) Josh leaves the pits to set the pace for the new kid (Poogee).

Rounding turn 4 Josh comes out close to the inside line.

A few laps later Poogee trys to hold the inside line. He does pretty good for his first time out. (also look at the nasty clouds forming)

Josh makes his way back around to put a lap on Poogee. Thats fine Poogee, just drive son the speed will come to ya.

The next lap Josh finds the car working better down low so thats where he keeps it.

Josh catches Poogee in turn 3 and makes his move on the high side.

Out of turn 4 they both drift up high as they come down the front stretch.

The last lap and it was a good finish at the line. (well it was a good race anyway who cares who won!)

They had a great time even though after about 2 hrs of racing we had to pack it up because of rain. You can't see them but the cars are covered in rain drops.

As you can tell we had a Great day!

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