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Here you will see some racing pictures from our last get together at our Portable Track!

As always click the pictures to enlarge them.

The Sunshine Radio Control Auto Racers
September 10, 2000 Winner
Troy Hawthorne SidewindeR '2'

The Race was a good one. With Lynn quailifing with a lap of 8.8 and myself at 8.7 the race was nothing short of a good show. The last time we all got together it was Lynn with the fastest car. I guess it was my turn to win.

Here are the 1/4 scale cars that ran in the race.

Here are some of the cars that were out at the track. We had 14 total 1/4 scale cars and 9 1/10 scale cars. (picture taken after the track was taken down)

A Great time was had by all the drivers. (picture taken after the track was taken down)

I am looking forward to our next get together at the Race Track.


All went well at the Portable track today. We made things more interesting as well. Let me try and give you the run down. We put all the cars that were going to run in the main on the track. Let them run about 10 laps to build heat in the tires and have the car ready to compete. Then all pulled on to pit road. Then each car was sent on the track for 2 warm-up laps and then was given the GREEN then WHITE then CHECKERED flags. The lap times were recorded on the two completed laps and the best time was used as Qualifying time. As each car was given the checkered flag and it went passed the pit road entrance the next car to qualify would fall in behind and take two warm- up laps as the first car exited the track. Then it to was given the Green, White and Checkered flags. This was repeated until all cars had qualified. With this format we are able to qualify cars very fast and It looks pretty kewl to see this taking place. It also will match peoples skill levels. So no matter what motor you run you will be placed where your skill level is. As for sand bagging. It would be very easy to see this going on. We didn't have a problem nor do we expect one.

I will shoot a video of our next qualifying session (next month at our track) and will send anyone a copy that ask me for it. I will Gladly pay for the tape and shipping if you will send me an address.

Driver count For September 10, 2000

11 quarter scale drivers with a car count total of 14
6 tenth scale drivers with a car count total of 9

As you can see there was only .6 of a second between the top four cars.

Justin and Kara ran car #5 to qualify as Josh did not make it to the races that day but his car did. He got in from a ball game with his step Dad late and was to tired to make the trip. hummm Josh to tired to go Racing,, That boy was tired for sure. :-)

The Race

The Green was waved and the race was on. Some of the drivers had never driven in a race so we agreed on a 25 lap Main. The driving was Great by all as the hot laps and the qualifying showed a close match between the cars up front. It was anyone's race and a mistake would have been costly.
It was around lap 12 I caught Kara and was letting her set my pace. I was also keeping an eye on Lynn as he was making up ground while I ran behind her. I stayed just close enough to her to let her know I was there. She drove a good line and when I made a few runs on her she always held her line. GREAT JOB KARA! This was good experience for her so I took my time getting around her. Lynn was gaining and coming strong. On lap 18 I drove high out of 4 and went to the outside down the front stretch and drove hard into turn 1. I tapped the brake just enough to brake the rear of the car so I could come off 2 tight to the inside. Because I went hard and dove to the inside she drove hard in as well but this took her wide out of 2 and I was able to drive by cleanly on the inside. It was a lot of fun for both her and myself as we ran real close for about 7 laps.
On lap 20 a driver tagged the wall. hummm wait he really smacked her a good one :-) and the caution was thrown. A track offical got the car headed in the right direction.
The bad part was that it was also about this time it started to sprinkle. Everyone drove accordingly. I myself backed off as the car started to feel loose.
The green fell and it was a 4 lap sprint to the finish. The race was finished under green and a Great time was had by all.

I talked to Kara after the race and she was thrilled that she got to race Josh's car. She also said she was scared a little cause she did not want to mess me up. I let her know she did all the right things and not to worry I would race with her anytime.
The next main may be 50 laps as one racer noted he wants more. His other comment was; "It was kinda kewl once I got going". This is a good sign as he was the guy that had never raced before and we wanted to keep things fun for everyone. The 1/10 scale cars ran hot laps but no race was run because of the rain. It didn't ever rain really hard but we did have a track we needed to take down.

Hope Everyone had a Great Weekend, Thanks to all our drivers it was awesome for us!

If your in our area. Please come on out and enjoy the Racing action. We all have a Great Time and would enjoy seeing you at the race track.

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