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The Sunshine Radio Control Auto Racers
Were at Michael Holley in Lakeland October 22, 2000.

For a Great day of Racing. We ran many laps running 1/10 scale and 1/4 scale. We ran our first hot laps with the 1/4 scale Trucks. There was lots of door to door and bumper to bumper racing action. At one point they were three wide out of turn four. There was some close racing and also a good show by our youngest driver Justin (we call him Poogee) (He is 6 years old). He was running his heart out and having a great time as the trucks used him as lap traffic. At one point Justin was tapped from behind as one truck went high and the other went low. The low truck did the tapping and sent Poogee spinning between the trucks. Poogee hit nothing and after gathering his car back up he was back in the throttle. There was also some good racing between the three trucks. It looked as though the guy out front was the guy that was the smoothest thru the corners. They all seam to have the same power down the front and back stretch. There were some great door to door action and I myself cant wait to go rubbing truck fenders again with the boys.

We also had some even younger drivers running as we want everyong to have a good time when they come see the Bandits run. We have a special truck just for the young drivers. Here are a few pictures of the drivers getting their hands on a radio control truck.

We don't allow the little ones on the Race Track but we do allow them to have a little fun with a RC truck. We are all about having fun.

Here are a few pictures taken of the days events.

The Bandits would like to Thank Michael Holley for their help in making it a Great weekend for everyone.

Hope Everyone had a Great Weekend, Thanks to our regular drivers it was awesome for us!

If your in our area. We invite everyone to come on out and enjoy the Racing action. We all have a Great Time and would enjoy seeing you at the race track.

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