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When setting up your car 1/4 scale race car you will need a few tools to make the job not only faster but also easier. Here are a few tools I am using to set up our cars.

With the radar gun we can see the speed of our cars as well as others.

We can see the peak RPM the engine is turning on the track. With a onboard tach we are able to tell if the change we have made let the car run faster or not.

With the Temp Gun we can tell if the chassis setup is working.

When we get a good setup it can be blueprinted and used again for each track. Make your own Setup Disk. Click to see how.

The Simple Dyno is used to compare engine performance. If you have questions about building one just ask. I don't mind helping. Build and USE this unit at your own risk! This device can cause Serious injury if misused.

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