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Here is some info on setting up the Throttle and Brake on the Raco cars that use the motor bulkhead and diff.

The car shown here is a Jac-Rabbit but the setup is still the same.

Here is a look at the back of the car and the servo is mounted to the bulkhead.

The throttle wire is on the right and is held in place by a small collar. The brake linkage mounts on the left and uses a screw to secure the brake linkage.

Here is a better shot of the brake linkage. Notice the slot in the brake lever end? This lets the car roll free when the throttle is advanced. I added to the stock brake arm. Your arm may be on the other side of the diff. Either side will work as long as it is adjusted right. I like it on the right side.

Here is how the linkage is mounted to the carb. Notice the small collar. As the throttle is advanced this collar moves the throttle open. The brakes are on in this picture and you can see that the internal carb spring is used to return the throttle to low. The throttle linkage just rides in the slot.

Here you can see the screw holding the brake linkage in place.

If your using Futaba servos I have the arms if you need them. The smaller arms are for the steering. The red arms fit Tower and Airtronics servos. Black fit Futaba.

Here is a shot from the bottom. I use two disk on my car.

If you have questions just email me I am glad to help.

I hope this Helps!

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